Tipperary Town Revitalisation Task Force Heritage Group are participating in this years National Heritage week Heritage Week #HeritageWeek2021

Heritage Group members Katherina Ryan and Mary Margaret Ryan wrote and filmed an enactment of an event that took place in Tipperary Town in 1889.

Filming took place at Tipperary Town Courthouse, the Bridewell and the Marian Hall. Filming was moved indoors to the Marian Hall due to heavy rainfall. We are currently editing the video and will post it shortly. Huge thanks to all those who made this event possible. (we’ll name you later!)

Tipperary In the Dock

This re-enactment is based on an event that occurred in Tipperary Town Courthouse, Bridewell Gaol and Tipperary Railway station in July 1889. At this time the town was a hotbed of conspiracy and activity. There was unrest due to increased rent and evictions. Tenants offered to pay lower rents to their Landlord and if it was refused would instead pay it to the Plan of Campaign Fund.

Dr Charles Tanner, Cork MP and home rule activist, supported the Plan of Campaign. He was arrested and held in the Bridewell Gaol for violating the Crimes Act which prevented unlawful assembly and the organisation of conspiracies against the payment of rents. He was escorted by two policemen from the Gaol to the railway station and from there to Clonmel for trial. A crowd had gathered in protest, a fight ensued and fifteen people were arrested.

This enactment is based on the trial of two of the fifteen people. We have tried to remain true to the historic facts but certain liberties have been taken with the original story and due to Covid 19 restrictions we have a limited cast.

You can learn more about national heritage week here https://www.heritageweek.ie

This event is supported by the Tipperary Heritage Office