About this event

Following the recent publication of the Tipperary Town Collaborative Town Centre Health Check (CTCHC) Report 2022 and Tipperary Town Revitalisation Task Force Strategy and Action Plan to 2035 , the Heritage Council’s CTCHC Programme, Tipperary Town Revitalisation Task Force & Tipperary County Council are organising a participative workshop for owners & leaseholders of vacant or underused properties in Tipperary Town Centre. The workshop will take place on Thursday October 6th from 10.00am to 1.00pm at the Tipperary Excel (+ a light lunch provided after the workshop).

The collaborative revitalisation of our historic town centres in Ireland has never been more important or urgently needed. As a country, we are obliged under various international agreements to reduce our overall carbon footprint and energy demands to combat climate change. In addition, we need more varied housing models along with effective regional development to ensure a better quality of life for all.

The CTCHC assessment process of Tipperary Town involved a thorough evaluation of the town’s strengths and opportunities and used several on the ground surveys to measure citizens’ perceptions of the town’s commercial, heritage and cultural assets, as well as mapping land / building use and vacancy levels, while also considering public satisfaction in terms of the town’s accessibility and entertainment facilities. The CTCHC land use survey found that Tipperary Town had 84 vacant buildings in the town centre and a retail vacancy rate of 31.2% – the normal range is 5-11%. This level of vacancy in a town centre is clearly unsustainable, particularly in the middle of a national housing crisis.

October’s workshop event will provide information on supports and incentives to bring vacant properties back in to use along with technical advice on planning, fire and other regulations. It will also highlight case studies from successful renovations of vacant and derelict properties elsewhere.

Participants on the day will include The Heritage Council (Collaborative Town Centre Health Check (CTCHC Programme) Tipperary County Council (Planning, Fire, Housing) and Dept of Housing, Local Government & Heritage (Built Heritage Unit). In addition, we will hear from local property owners who have brought derelict/vacant properties back into use.

The event will also highlight details of the upcoming Streetscape Enhancement Initiative for Tipperary Town which saw Tipperary County Council awarded €100,000 through the Department of Rural and Community Development to deliver town centre improvements including building facades, artwork, lighting, canopies. Applications are expected to be open for the new scheme in the coming weeks.

Registration is now open, to reserve a place, or for further information please contact:

Alison Harvey – The Heritage Council – CTCHC Programme Manager

Michael Begley – Tipperary Town Revitalisation Task Force Manager

Further information on the workshop partners is here: