Tipperary Town Revitalisation Task Force published their Strategy & Action Plan to 2035 in July 2022. The document was developed over eighteen months through public and stakeholder consultation and follows on from the presentation of a draft plan and public consultation that took place in late 2021.

The Strategy and Action Plan puts forward 100 actions aimed at driving the socioeconomic development of the town under four pillars, Town Identity & the Public Realm, Economic Opportunity, Natural Environment and Sustainability and Social Inclusion. The plan also incorporates a socioeconomic profile of the town and the Tipperary Town Collaborative Town Centre Health Check findings developed by the Heritage Council through the work of Alison Harvey.

Some of the developments already underway through the work of the Task Force and its partners include the development of the Tipperary ENGINE Digital Hub, development of a Youth & Further Education and Training Centre at Dan Breen House, and the redevelopment of ‘The Plan’ and ‘The Hills’. The Task Force also led a community murals programme through a subgroup and are currently working on a business case for a food incubation hub in the town, along with assisting Canon Hayes Recreation Centre through a major infrastructural development in the coming years. They are also a key partner in the Creative Places that was awarded to Tipperary Town by the Arts Council recently, the programme will see an investment of approximately € 500k in the arts and creative sector in the town over the next three years. 

The full Strategy and Action Plan can be downloaded here